I have a diverse experience of more than 30 years, during all those years I have always ensured that I remained relevant, I picked up new technologies, new skills always ensured that I was updated. I started as a stock exchange trader, went into IT, Education stream, administration, Market research. During all this time what remained constant was a negative feeling which I always carried. I was always AFRAID , in a negative state of mind. This transition would happen by June 2021


After evaluating what I do and what I think, I came to a conclusion that I am doing the things correctly it is the negative thinking which is holding me back. So going forward I would be more positive, behave like a kid, throw the negative feeling out and just go with the flow.

I have been a trouble shooter and technical mentor in my last organization. I had not practiced these traits for a long time, In my new Avatar would focus on these big positives of mine.

Being shy I was not visible, I plan to move out a lot , reach out to people , build the network.

Change by Design

As an operations head I was not a hands on guys, I plan to go back to my skill set as a hands on guys, a hardcore techy. I have joined multiple training programs, would update myself, understand the new technology.

I have also launched my own Website Design and development agency , in this I am actively contributing as a developer / Programmer / SEO Guy. I want to work and understand challenges of all the departments.  

I am focusing on making things sharper, Websites need to be fast loading, fully responsive, optimized. Plan to deliver value to the customer.

I would also work on my fitness , go for regular sessions of yoga, long walks and light running.

I have joined Digital Deepak’s Internship to understand the techniques of Digital Marketing. I have a feeling that there is a shortage of trained manpower in this field. People are not ready to invest time and energy in upgrading themselves and this Internship would address this issue.